Construction Bids Update
April 15, 2021

The construction bids came in for the new headquarters at 550 Old Post Road, and the news was good. The project garnered wide interest in the local and tri-state construction community, bids were opened on March 30, 2021, in a public Zoom, and we are happy to have received multiple bids in each of the six categories.

Number of bids in each category:
12 sitework
13 general construction
14 mechanicals
6 electrical
9 plumbing
3 fire protection

On April 12, 2021, in the monthly public business meeting, the District awarded five contracts to the low bidders in their respective categories.

The contacts awarded April 12th were:
Sitework, Montesano Bros, Inc, $1,738,525.00
Mechanicals, J&M Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, $949,000.00
Electrical, All Bright Electric, $1,479,000.00
Plumbing, J&M Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, $532,000.00
Fire Protection, SRI Fire Sprinkler Corp., $182,300.00

In the GC category, the Fire District's Construction Manager, Arris Construction, is still vetting potential responsible bidders. We expect to have a contract to award soon.

The contracts we awarded and expect to be able to award allow us to remain within the budget we projected and communicated to the public in the lead-up to the January 2020 bond vote.