May 2023 New Firehouse Update
May 28, 2023

New Firehouse Update May 2023

The BFD is looking forward to seeing you all on the Green for the Memorial Day service, following the traditional Memorial Day Parade from Seminary Road to the Village Green along Pound Ridge Road, also known as Route 172. The parade steps off between 11:15 and 11:30. We have to wait for the color guard to arrive from the earlier Bedford Hills ceremony. The decorated bike competition is always a great reason to come watch!

We had hoped to be inviting all of you to a ribbon cutting by now, and hope it will be possible soon. It’s just red tape: we’re almost there. In the meantime, we are operating out of the new headquarters and are pleased to report that the efficiencies we were hoping for are already making a difference to our response times, our outcomes and our first responders.

For one example, a fire call recently came in while a full firefighting crew was in the building exercising in the fitness center. Having a crew already in the building saved at least 6 minutes on the response time for the first fire engine out the door, and the house was saved.

We are getting more apparatus out the door in less time in general: we don’t have to move one truck out of the way to gain access to another, and we have more volunteers spending time at the firehouse to work, train, or exercise.

As the attached photos show, we are now able to wash our apparatus inside the firehouse, where the runoff drains into catch basins instead of into the aquifer.

We would like to again express our gratitude to the community for the support for this project, and we look forward to public tours and events in the near future!